You will not be Tattooed if you under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Age:- 18 or over no exceptions, if requested you will have to provide valid I.D.  eg: Driving Licence or Passport etc.
  • No under 18's to enter the Tattooing area. 
  • Please do not bring children or a huge group of people to studio when having your Tattoo. (We prefer only one friend/partner)
  • Consent forms are to be completed before your Tattoo is started.
  • We are Licensed/Health Registered with the New Forest Council.

  • Min charge for any Tattoo £35.00
  • We do not have an hourly rate, our work is charged by the piece.
          Good work is not cheap! and cheap work is not good!
Kitchen Tattoo's are dangerous!

  Saver Scheme.

  • Everyone is feeling the pinch of the economic environment at the moment, for this reason we have a payment scheme available. Build your funds over time until you have enough for your next ink.

  Please Note

Tattoo Addiction have no connection with Jon "Jonno" Derbyshire. He has never worked for us or been licenced through us.

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